Wyrmfoe of the Sept of the Second City


Tribe: Get of Fenris

Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Fostern

((Normally I don’t detail the renown of NPC’s, but with Organgrinder, it is notable that his renown for acts of Glory far outstrips his renown for Honor and Wisdom. Generally, it is assumed that his accomplishments are far greater than one would expect for a Rank 2 Garou, BUT his constant failure to demonstrate appropriate Honor or Wisdom has kept him at that rank. He does not seem concerned about his Rank, so long as he can keep warring with the Wyrm.))


Organgrinder, formally known as Geoff Sherman, is a Lupus born of the Get of Fenris. He was sent to Chicago to assist in the War. He, like the Red Talons, strongly abhors the culture of man, and particularly hates its weakness and susceptibility to the influences of the Wyrm. However, since it is amongst the ranks of the human cities that the Wyrm seems to thrive so magnificently, it is into their lives that he has entered.

Accordingly, he has adopted the Glass Walkers willingness to walk amongst the Tainted City, and thereby better know how to eliminate it. There have been rumours that he has knowingly allowed wyrm creatures to live, to grow and become stronger, letting humanity and the city suffer its depredations, only to then lead an even more glorious hunt to exterminate what has grown into a more glorious prey. He is also known for his scorched earth strategies in preserving the Veil. There are no witnesses to the Organgrinder’s hunts, a fact that has, on occasion, become problematic. For the time being, his fervor outweighs the risk of his deployment, and he is respected and feared by his fellow Garou.

His zealous devotion to the extermination of the Wyrm makes him well suited to the position of Wyrmfoe.


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