Katie "Laugh Goes Boom"

A Guardian of the Sept of the Second City


Tribe: Black Fury (adopted)

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: Fostern (2)


Katie “Laugh Goes Boom” is one of the few Lupus born members of the Sept of the Second City. Her mother, a kinfolk in the Northern Wisconsin territories, birthed her near a strip mining operation. While the rest of the pack fled whenever explosives were used in the mining operations, Katie paid attention, she watched, fascinated.

After her first change, she was adopted by the Thunder Bay Sept of Milwaukee. As precocious as the New Moon, the heightened awareness and understanding that Katie discovered in her new identity of a Garou led her to investigate demolitions and explosives. While she only tells the story in terms of her delight at the bright lights, the flying sparks, and the splintered remains of the strip miners; there is no doubt that her deed name was well earned. Though it is believed that Katie is, by blood, an Uktena, she was a lost cub, and ultimately was adopted by Black Furies of the Thunder Bay Sept.

Katie joined the Sept of the Second City at the request of an Old One of the former Fanum, who wished to see the Lupus perspective in all of their Sept planning.

Katie "Laugh Goes Boom"

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