Joseph Jacobs

Homid Theurge Uktena


Joseph Jacobs

Strength – 2
Dexterity – 3
Stamina – 3

Charisma – 2
Manipulation – 2
Appearance – 2

Perception – 4
Intelligence – 4
Wits – 2



Alertness – 2
Athletics – 1
Empathy – 1
Expression – 1


Animal Ken – 2
Drive – 2
Etiquette – 1
Archery – 1
Craft (Woodcraving) – 1
Swim – 1
Cooking – 2
Stealth – 1
Survival – 2

Computer – 1
Enigmas – 2
Investigation – 1
Law – 1
Linguistics – 1
Medicine – 1
Rituals – 1
Science – 1


Resources – 2
Rites – 2

Sense Magic
Spirit Speech
Sense Magic


Glory – 0
Honor – 0
Wisdom – 3

Rage – 2
Gnosis – 4
Willpower – 6


Joseph would tell you he’s no different than any other kid. Just recently 18, looking at college like many other teens. He’d tell you he’s no different, but we both know better… don’t we? As in any other good story it is best to start at the begining, so the motives and actions make sense further along in the story. His story is just begining, at least from our point of view, but let’s look to his past to see how he became the man he is today.

Joseph’s earliest memories were that of Daniel Jacobs. Ah, there is an honest and caring soul, something we could use more of in this callous world. You see Daniel was not actually Joseph’s father, a fact he never hid from him. Joseph in turn loved him even more knowing that a man who was not his blood had sacrificed to raise him. Daniel as I said was a caring soul, encouraging Joseph in his interets and pursuits. Teahing him about the history and traditions of his people. Joseph was in truth perhaps not all that interested to begin with, but his love and respect for his elder meant he would learn as he was directed. Daniel was pleased the Joseph learned the history of his people so quickly. Daniel would also share his people’s view of nature and take him camping every summer. Joseph learned how to set up a decent campsite, fish, swim, and how to shoot a bow from his father at these summer trips. Oh to be fair, Joseph did not excel at any one of these, but enough that he and his father could certainly enjoy the trips.

Other factors would shape the mold that would form Joseph. Joseph would absorb his studies in a way that it looked like he was born with the knowledge. He also had the keenest of eyes, able to pick out minor details others would dismiss. Joseph did not know why, but this discovery meant that he would seek out new challenges. Daniel laughed at his son’s gift in a way a father encourages his son. “Where’s Waldo” was a constant companion for the two, and nearly every time Joseph would find the hidden traveller first. This particular quirk of Joseph’s would also make games such as Hide n Seek and Ghosts in the Graveyard a must amongst his friends.

This is where perhaps the story takes a sadder turn. You see Daniel, who had been described as a modern day hippie, had to keep moving for work. Meaning the only person that was a constant in Joseph’s life was Daniel. This wasn’t a terrible burden on the young boy. He made friends easily enough, and he always joined the Cross Country team in any new town. Meaning he would always have a few friends with similar interests.

Joseph’s mind, keen observation, and gifts for puzzles led him a study of the stars. A patient hand and a studious mind could thrive studing the stars. Early dioramams in school were always of the moon, and Joseph was as facinated by the moon as many of his friends were interested in cars, or girls… Well that may be a step to far, but you understand my meaning. As a young lad Joseph hoped to one day travel to the moon, but NASA shut down the shuttle progam and that ended that particular dream.

Now, you might be asking, why I’m telling you all of this? Well… it leads us to events that happened very recently. You see Joseph and Daniel were visiting a few colleges where Joseph could pursue his interest in astronomy. Joseph’s good grades and decent Cross Country skills meant many options were open. One of these trips were to prove eye opening for our young Joseph. You see riding in the subway Joseph was eyeing some nearby unsavory types. He tried to communicate his unease to his father, but his father calmed the young man as only a caring father could. When the toughs demanded their money Joseph stood to defend his father. Daniel on the other hand pushed his son back to reason with these dregs. Joseph lowered his head at his elder’s wishes and backed away. Unfortunately he was watching his father when the gunshot went off, and the one thing that was steady in Joseph’s life fell back into his arms. The dregs laughed among themselves as Joseph watched the life fade from his father’s eyes. That was it. It was enough. Had that moment not happened, Joseph may not exist as we know him now. A life more or less free of anger, and raised to see a pure world might have kept his inner urges at bay. But that’s not the way this story happens. Joseph held his father’s dying body and looked at the men that had so carelessly taken that from him. That’s when the change happened. A well opened up inside young Joseph and pushed aside his reason.

Joseph would wake in torn clothes in a rail tunnel, confused, lonely and hands covered in blood. Now brothers, you can remember this momnet yourselves can’t you? Well… it grows late, and this is where we will leave off the story, as it’s up to Joseph to finish the tale.

Joseph Jacobs

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