A.J. Aroyo

A Swarthy Slacker Who May Have Found a Reason to Try


Andras Jacin Santiago-Arroyo

Breed – Homid
Auspice – Ahroun
Tribe – Child of Gaia



Str – 3 Dex – 4 (Lightning Reflexes) Sta – 4 (Resilient)


Cha – 3 Man – 1 App – 3


Per – 3 Int – 2 Wit – 3


Alertness – 3 Athletics – 3 Brawl – 2

Dodge – 3 Empathy – 1 Intimidation – 1

Streetwise – 1


Animal Ken – 1 Drive – 1 Firearms – 1

Leadership – 2 Melee – 2 Stealth – 1

Survival – 1


Computers – 1 Investigation – 1 Enigmas – 1

Law – 1 Medicine – 1


Pure Breed – 3 Kinfolk – 2 Resources – 1 Ancestor – 1

Rage – 5
*Gnosis – 2

*Willpower – 5

Gifts: Master of Fire, The Falling Touch, Mercy


You ever get the feeling you aren’t like everyone else??? I do, all the freakin’ time…

I can’t blame my parents, saying they didn’t love me or hug me enough or any crap like that. They were always there for me, they loved me and tried to raise me well…I just don’t think they “get” me, you know?

My parents are both first generation here in the States. Dad is from Puerto Rico, came to the States to learn law, and Mom is from Greece, and she came because of my Dad. Apparently, they met when he went to Greece for a business trip, and it was a match made in “Immigrant Heaven”. So, yeah, I’m “Puerto-Greekan”…laugh it up, that never gets old….

So,my Dad is a Public Defender for the city of Chicago and Mom works at a homeless shelter in the inner city. Both of them are really keen on the whole, “Second Chance” crap… “don’t judge a book by it’s cover…or first chapter…” b.s.

Anyway, about me… Well, people would say I’m your typical 17 year old “mix-kid” you find in any urban area. Don’t fit in with the white kids, don’t fit in with the black kids…but I can kick all their asses in sports!!! HA!!!!

I grew up in Oak Lawn, IL, but I spent a majority of my time in the city. I didn’t really have many friends growing up, and when I started competing in sports, even though you would think that I have found my “crowd”, it really wasn’t so. I guess being able to kick your own teams’ ass as well as the other guys kinda earns you some enmity…

I’ve never been very good at school, but I didn’t really have to be since I’m that good at sports, I could usually skate by fairly well.

I never knew why, but I was angry a lot… Not your typical “oh, I’m a teen, and I have angst”, but more of a “people are a bunch of d-bags and this place is a hell-hole” kinda angry. My parents attitude of “give it another chance” or “people can surprise you” just pissed me off all the more.

The only release that I could find was in doing athletic/physical stuff. I always felt like a kettle, just about to boil, and sports was a release that prevented me from blowing my cool. Not in a “I’m gonna go all ‘Columbine’ in this place” but a “Freak out yelling at people/punch a few people to get everyone to just get along/get their asses in gear”…

So, one Saturday, I got into a fight with my dad because of some stupid crap, and I left to go play some hoops and crap with some guys from in the city. My pop’s brother, Carlos, was in town and he stops me and says, “Hey boy, you father is a good man. You should respect him and not let your anger get the better of you.”

Now, I always got along with Uncle Carlos, but today was REALLY not the day for this, so I think I snorted in derision and blew past him, muttering something under my breath.

I went to the yard to play some ball, and I played long and hard. No matter how much effort I poured into playing, it just wasn’t helping. Next thing I realize is it’s after dusk and everyone is going home from exhaustion. I played for a little while by myself, feeling that anger right at the surface. I finally threw the basketball and roared at the sky. I didn’t realize the significance at the time, but it was a full moon that eve.

So, I grabbed my stuff and started to walk back home. I decided to take one of the more questionable routes because it was quicker and I almost wanted to have someone challenge me.

I’m walking down the street, and as I passed an alleyway, I heard a dog yelping in pain. I looked down the alleyway and saw a guy standing over a beaten dog. Odds are, he was betting on the dog in a fight, and the dog lost…

Now, I recognized the guy as one of the gang leaders that my dad helped out who “swore” that he would turn his life around if Dad got him off. That was about a month and a half ago.

Well, needless to say, something in me snapped. I remember running down the alley, feeling all of my rage boiling forth like a tidal wave breaking. He turned to look at me, and as I stared down at him (I had no idea why I was looking down at him), I saw fear…

I don’t know what happened next. I remember waking up somewhere strange, maybe an abandoned
building, with my Uncle Carlos standing over me. The first thing he said to me was, “I told you not to let your anger get the better of you. Now, you have woken up, and you can’t go back to sleep…”

I am a Werewolf…I am Gaia’s Vengence…

A.J. Aroyo

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