No Really, We're Sheep

Welcome to Werewolf!


Hey guys. By the time you reach this page, you’ll know that I’m looking to get a Lunar Pack (meaning a pack composed of Five Members, each of which hails from a different Auspice, thereby covering each of the different Auspices in the game).

As alluded to on the Facebook, this Campaign will pick up during your Rite of Passage. What that means is that your character has been recruited into the Garou nation (so you all know that Werewolves are real), you have been taught some basic tenets (know The Litany and your Tribe’s stereotypes of the other tribes). You don’t have to understand it, but you know that there are two worlds (Umbra and Penumbra). You know there is a Triat, and that you don’t like the Wyrm. Your opinion on the Weaver is up to your judgment. You know that Gaia is in trouble, and you know that Anthelios rides high in the sky, fulfilling a sign of the forthcoming Apocalypse.

You may select your first three gifts, which you’ll have learned over the course of the month or so leading up to the start of the campaign.

If you’re unfamiliar with Obsidian Portal, the two main tabs to pay attention to are the Adventure Log tab (where you’ll find this post) and the Character Post, where you will be posting your Character Sheet and some background information about your character.

Like any other wiki, we’re all welcome to edit all pages. So, for example, I intend to go in and add entries for several of the keywords that I’ve used in this post (Anthelios, Wyrm, The Litany, etc.) when I get the chance.

We’ll be interacting through gmail. We’ll utilize emails and the chat function of gmail for all roleplay interactions, both In-Character and Out-Of-Character. We will document the results of those interactions here. So while I heartily encourage the taking of notes, you’ll have a back-up right here.

Welcome aboard folks!



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