Welcome to “No Really, We’re Sheep”

This chronicle is a reboot, originally envisioned as taking a pack of Garou from beginning to end, through their Rite of Passage, their rise to fame (or infamy), and up to their role in the Apocalypse, it, unfortunately fell apart due to the nature of the play-style: play by email. Interest waned, key players dropped out of the campaign or simply failed to interact, and it terminated before the Rite of Passage was even completed.

So now it’s getting a reboot, starting with a more focused plotline and direction, and bypassing the Rite of Passage stage to go into the fall-out thereof.

Here are our Characters. Some of our characters have begun keeping Character Journals, to lend you additional insight into their adventures. Some of the original PC’s are now just NPC’s, but some may still be participating.

Please feel free to read the Story So Far, which is a more up-to-date Adventure Log than the actual Adventure Log.

Here’s the landing page for the Sept of the Second City and its Caern. And here’s a more generalized page for important locations to be featured.

No Really, We're Sheep

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