Sept of the Second City

The conglomerated community of Garou in Chicago in the aftermath of the Chicago War of 1995. They are centralized in the Caern at the top of the Sears Tower.

The Sept of the Second City is composed of refugees of the Fanum Sept, and outlying communities. The aftermath of the 1995 Vampire/Werewolf War of Chicago created opportunities for the Wyrm that disintegrated the artificial lines between the independent communities. There was high attrition amongst the long-standing communities of Uktena and Fianna Garou, and it has been supplemented by Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, and even some slowly returning Shadow Lords. As the Second City develops as a community, other Tribes have begun to send delegates to join the Sept as ambassadors.

Officers of the Sept of the Second City

Out of Character Note: I’m not a fan of the Chicago werewolf communities as presented in Under a Blood Red Moon. Specifically, I really dislikethat both of those Caerns are closed communities. That option, in a metropolis like Chicago, as the Apocalypse draws ever nearer, is, in my opinion, unacceptable.

Though I do enjoy the story, and treat the majority of its events as canon to my Campaign, I have determined that for this setting, both the Fanum and the Sept of the Wind Catchers were casualties of the War. Individual members survived, but the Fanum was destroyed by the Black Spiral Dancers, and Jupiter was set free, thus compromising the Fanum. The Sept of the Wind Catchers, on the other hand, served heavily as front line troops alongside the Garou who traveled to Chicago to take part. The result is that as the war was drawn to a close, the Caern they maintained in Hyde Park was taken by a swarm of brutally violent Bane spirits.

Further battle for the site ultimately resulted in the Caern’s Totem, Blackbird, being destroyed. Physical damage to the site was rivaled only by the spiritual wreckage, and the Caern was drained and left dormant. While the site could conceivably be revived as a Caern, it will take more resources than the Chicago community can currently spare.

So, as detailed in the background of the Sept of the Second City Caern, a new, conglomerated Caern was discovered and now houses the survivors of the former Septs.

Sept of the Second City

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