Rough Transcript of the Emails:

Chapter 1: Scene 5: Me. Me. Me.

The hut quickly smells of stew and sweaty teenagers, and the cots prove highly inviting. Each cot is draped with a soft fur blanket that provides immediate relief for the cubs who found themselves getting cold out in the open. The wind howls overhead, whistling softly in the eves.

Despite having eaten hardily only a few hours ago, the exertion of running through the park, fleeing from assailants, and crossing the moonbridge leaves everyone feeling at least a little peckish. Similarly, teh darkness outside reminds them all that their sleep cycles have been heavily damaged over the last few days.


AJ snickers as he walks to the table and says, "So, let me make sure I got dis right. Dey “wolf-nap” us, transport us to New York, put is in a room for awhile, take us to the park, have us run for our lives from some “bad guys”, lead us through a “dimensional rift” to a comfy cave setting were we get “dressed down” by our elder because we “don’t know anything and don’t deserve anything.” And den, tomorrow is when we have go through our “rite of passage”??? I thought the rite was just figuring out all dis and not going nuts."

AJ sits and pours some stew for himself. While he begins to eat, he looks around, taking in this “other world” and says, “You know, even though we may be even more trapped here, at least the view is better than that cramped, stuffy room!”

Thoma seems to weigh his options. He is trepidatious of approaching those who have decided to eat, but when Tinny leaves the immediate area, he braves their company to serve himself up a bowl of stew. He stands as he eats it, occasionally shifting his weight from foot to foot, studying their surroundings, though, he truly doesn’t expect to find anything.

Tinny shifts back to homid and pours himself a bowl of stew, careful to separate out any meaty bits. He sits near Joseph in silence and savors the tasty meal. His eyes look as if lead weights are tugging at the lids. Belly full, he stands up, pats Joe on the shoulder, and makes it to the bedding just in time to fall asleep without collapsing onto the floor.

Joseph inhales deeply, savoring the scent.
“Not like I have a choice.” He mumbles under his breath. He scoops up a bowl and sits on on of the cots.
“Or deserve one.” He mumbles again. He sits in silence and eats the stew.

There are six clay bowls and matching spoons beside the pot, though there is no table. Lifting the cover of the pot releases a steamy cloud of flavor. Whatever it is features a thick, dark broth with chunks of vegetables and meat. It looks hearty.

IC retcon: AJ walks over to the pot, pours himself a bowl, and sits near a comfy looking pallet.

Shay sighed, the anxiety from the whole situation made her appetite seem nonexistent. She looked to the rest of her mates eyeing them.
“Does this whole situation right here seem a bit fishy to anyone else?”
Shay took a seat, she looked to AJ.
“It’s a big supernatural hazing. Tomorrow they paddle us, hung us upside down, and then force us to recite the rules. If we don’t cry like babies, we’re in.”
Even Shay’s sarcasm felt too real for comfort in her own head.

Joseph’s head lifts a little at Shay’s words.

He nods around a large spoonfull of stew. He swallows and walks his bowl back near the fire. “What I can’t figure out is why the multiple carns? Why not just one? For that matter, they couldn’t just ask us to go through the rift, they had to herd us into it.” He walks back to his cot and sits on the edge again, taking off his shoes. “I have a feeling tomorrow is just going to bring more questions, not answers.”

Royce sets down a bowl that formerly held stew, then flops onto a cot.

“I, for one, intend to earn some answers tomorrow.”

As the garou pups wind down, assuming their respective sleeping areas, they slip into a fitless slumber, the sound of the wind buffeting a flap somewhere on the roof that likely explains where the fire’s smoke is disappearing.

The fitless sleep “enjoyed” by the pups is interrupted. Yelling. Shouting. Yips and barks, all angry, all distant, but loud enough to penetrate the uneasy quiet of the hut.

Even as the group awakens to the yelling, it ceases. Within moments, the silence is broken by a deep, mournful howl.

Joseph listens to the howl sitting up in bed.

He swings his legs over the side of the bed and hurriedly puts on his shoes.
“We may just be pups, but that’s someone who needs help.” He stands and makes his way to the door.

The howl sounds mournful specifically because it is. Aunt Petra had taught Thoma a few of the more meaningful howls of the Garou rites, and this was one. The Howl of Mourning meant that somewhere in this caern, a Garou had suffered a tragic loss.

The howl sounds mournful because it is. In learning his rule as mediator, Tinny had been taught a few of the more meaningful howls of Garou rites. This howl, the Howl of Mourning, indicated that in this caern, a Garou had suffered a catastrophic loss.

Thoma and Tinny exchange glances, each apparently sharing the same thoughts about what they’ve heard.

Tinny shares a glance with Thoma. What Thoma suspects, tinny knows for sure. TC darts out the door.
“c’mon, guys! Bad news bears…”

Shay jumps to her feet and gives quick glances before following behind. Being use to sleeping on the floor, she is also use to waking up and running at the sound of cops on the street. She hears the howling.
“Did… someone die?”
She furrowed her eyebrows listening.

“Wait,” Thoma says, stepping toward Tinny.

“That means something bad has happened, not that it is still happening. This isn’t our caern and we need to respect that.” Thoma waves a hand at the door, “before we decide to break the rules again, we need to all recognize why we’re doing it.” He points more forcefully. “That is the Howl of Mourning. Not the Howl of Quick Everyone Come Out Here There’s a Pizza and a Clown Making Balloon Us’s.”

“We need to respect that maybe the last thing the Sept of the Winter Wolf wants right now is a bunch of pups getting their noses in when something very serious has happened.” Thoma shakes his head.

“I’m just saying… we need to be careful with our decisions here.” Thoma, personally, thinks there’s no harm with peeking out the door, but all the same, he crosses his arms.

Joseph listens to Thoma as he finishes putting on his shoes.

“You are right on every point. Every single one. I can’t just stay here though knowing one of our own is in that kind of pain. They brought us here. If my concern for a fellow being is going to step on someones sense if pride…” Joseph takes a small breath to calm himself. “Well then maybe I wasn’t meant to be a son of Gaia.” Joseph takes a few steps toward Thoma. In a quiter and almost apologetic way says, “I’m sorry. I HAVE to go.”
At that he turns and dashes out of the cabin, looking back once and hoping to see another of his adopted pack following. Hoping, but not really believing they will.

Tinny skids to a halt just before he breaches the doorway. When he turns back his jaw is hanging slack in cartoonish disbelief. He catches eyes with Thoma again, and his slackjaw expression turns into a smile.
“The mute Galliard speaks! And wise words no less. But Joey is right. I think that if nothing else, going to express our concern -or condolences- is going to show our eagerness to do what is right by the rest of the Garou. I’ll make sure my pace on the way is fitting for the mood.”
TC turns and slowly pads out the door.

When he catches up Joe, he shares the concern that running there may not be prudent. Then:
“You think maybe we should go in lupus? You know, so we can join the howl if they allow.”

Joseph hears Tinny closing in and offers a brief small smile.

Joseph ponders briefly Tinny’s advice for changing to lupus. He knows it’s the right way to approach the situation. Lupus form just feels, well, foreign. Different thought and feelings rush to the surface. Hell it’s a whole new perspective. As different as it is it’s also an adrenilin rush every time. Feeling the change come over seems natural, yet the logical part of his mind rails against it, telling him it is not natural. There are things that Joseph simply hasn’t completely adjusted to. Again though the different aspects of Joseph hold a brief conferece (at least that’s how it feels to Joseph), and decide that Tinny is right, now matter the conflicting feelings on the subject. Joseph slows his jog to a walk, then to a stop. He takes a deep breath to calm himself. He nods to Tinny and begins the change.

Tinny pauses in step with Joe. When he sees Joseph start to shift, TC shifts as well.

Outside the hut, Joseph begins to will his body down to its lupine form, and remembers he’s still fully clothed.

Inside the hut…

Shay undresses, she had left her modesty back in the umbra the first time she had shifted to lupus. She started her shift to Lupus, the oddly form of a wolf pit bull mix. Shay pressed her nose to the ground and took a few sniffs before lifting her ears to hear anything.

((So I looked up what a Malamute (Closest to looking like wolf) Pit Bull mix looked like: http://www.designermixes.org/pictures/picture.aspx?picnum=23&srhBrd=601 This seemed legit.))

Ooc: in general, that’s okay, but remember: “a Gnawer can’t pass himself off as anything other than a feral and dangerous animal that’s more wolf than dog.” (p.71)

Shayanna’s Garou genes ended up being dominant, not any domestic mix-ins. That picture is a dog with some wolf, Shayanna is a wolf with some dog.

Thoma watches his “pack mates” leave, one by one, until it’s just he and AJ. He crosses his arms and gives the only remaining member a significant look as if to say Are you going, too?

AJ watches the others go and looks to Thoma. “Ya make some good points. I already agreed with TC back in the room and got my nose slapped for being impatient. I’m staying with you and following the last orders we were given by da elder. Fool me once, shame on me…”

IC: Royce sits up, rubbing sleep from his eyes, taking in his surroundings.

The three pups notice that the timber of the howl ceases to be mournful, and instead transforms to something else. However, with the wind and the muffling of the hut walls, it is unclear what this new howl is meant to convey, except that it is no longer mournful.

Perhaps whatever sadness came over the Sept of the Winter Wolf has been disspelled, or perhaps there is more pressing business being addressed.

Thoma is mollified by the show of support. “Thank you,” he says, more to AJ, who made the decision, than Royce, who slept through it. “It’s not that I don’t want to go out there,” he mutters, “it’s just that… you know…” He shifts from foot to foot.

When the howl changes, Thoma perks up. He takes a few steps toward the door, obviously torn with what to do now. He looks to the other two.

AJ stands when the howl changes and says to Thoma, “I’ll follow you, but I think we are making da right decision. If you want to take a look outside, I wouldn’t be opposed to dat, though. I don want to take da chance and piss off dat elder. I imagine he wouldn’t be near as kinda as the other fellows.”

AJ looks to Royce and to see what his thoughts are.

Royce opens his mouth to respond when the door explodes in, a flurry of snow and a chill wind lashing the three garou. In the doorway stands a young man, naked but for a long coat that flaps in the breeze, barely concealing his modesty. Before AJ or Thoma can respond, he yells, “SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! This goes beyond stepping on toes, COME ON! The call is for every able body!” Thoma and AJ begin to recognize the wild youth as none other than the Tin Can Kid when the teen drops into his hispo form, the massive black and white wolf turning on heel and darting out into an accumulating snowfall, the door flapping on the breeze behind him.

AJ glances at Thoma and then Royce and then back to the flapping entrance to the tent. He then looks to Thoma and says, “Does dat make your indecision any easier?”

AJ slips on his shoes and prepares to follow.

Clearly conflicted, Thoma nods. “Thank you,” he says to AJ. It’s not that he has someone following him that counts so much as someone was willing to listen to his suggestion. He smiles uneasily. “A look wouldn’t hurt, I’m sure.” He approaches the door.

Thoma rears back at the entry of the wild-man. He is half-frozen in place, then looks at AJ and nods mutely, eyes wide.

Surging for the door, Thoma follows TC into the snow.

As Tinny returns to where he split from Shayanna and Joseph, Royce, AJ, and Thoma hot on his heels, they all hear the beginning of a howl that is using the Garou tongue. It sounds as though Joseph is attempting to introduce himself to someone, and the tone of the howl is placating. Then there’s a loud howl and a yip, and some very fast, very angry speech in the Garou tongue. Emerging from the snow, standing in the swirl of flakes lifted on the wild wind, they see a Crinos Garou standing at a full ten foot height over a small doggish wolf, his hand drawn back across his chest, while off to the side, another wolf is beginning to shake off snow from where it lies at the base of a tree.

[OOC: Note: In the event that anyone’s course of action is to intercede physically between the Crinos and the Lupus, you are too far away to be able to interrupt anything right now, at least one or two things are going to happen between the Crinos and the wolf before anyone will be in range to prevent it. So if that’s anyone’s intent, announce the intent, but don’t bother announcing anything that you intend to happen once you get there. i.e. give me “Royce picks up his pace to try and get between the Crinos and the wolf”, do NOT give me “Royce leaps over the wolf, trying to place himself between it and the Crinos’ forthcoming backhanded strike”.

Joseph sees whats comming. He knows he is not even close to fast enough to intercede. He barks oht the quickest equivalent to “Stop!” He can mananage. His intent is to shift down a step and take all the blame.

AJ slides into a guard position to Thoma’s back and left. As they approach the scene, he says to Thoma, “Ya might want to limber up that silver tongue, we may need it very quickly!”.

AJ continues to follow Thoma’s lead as they move forward.

Shay stands up hearing, she begins to make her way behind AJ in a quick trot. She lets out a soft whimper to show some of the fear and concern that she was feeling.

As Shay turns to retreat, she is lifted off her feet by a stiff backhanded strike that lifts her literally off the ground and send her tumbling through the snow.

[Str 9: 332350618: 2 sux vs. Sta 4: 3340. Shay takes 1b.]

The Crinos roars in the Garou tongue, “Do they not teach the Litany in the scabs? Do you believe you can serve Gaia without following our laws? You pathetic wretches!”

And then four wolves emerge from the snow behind the Crinos. One of them, a small wolf with streaked fur, speaks, “Be calm, Warder. They are pups, and they are not to blame for the sins of their elders.”

The wolf looks at the assembled pups, “You will follow us now. And you will be told.”

The Crinos shifts down to his Lupus form and joins the four wolves. Even as a wolf, he is larger than his contemporaries.

Joseph sees that shifting now would be pointless.

He checks quickly to see that Shay is ok. He moves over to Thoma, and lowers his head. His stance is plain, ’I’m sorry, you were right.’ He moves to follow, making sure to keep his head low.

Glancing over his shoulder at AJ, Thoma feels his resolve build. One person with confidence in him is all it takes. Just one person who is willing to try his ideas. He picks up the speed but skids to a halt when they near the action.

Thoma freezes, half-expecting to have come upon a horrid battle. As Shay is knocked back, he clenches his fist, something inside of him tightening angrily.

He is in shock and when Joseph approaches him, Thoma actually falls back a step. The apology catches him off guard and he blinks at Joseph before he stands up a little straighter and, with some effort, lays a hand on Joseph’s shoulder. “It’s all right,” he says quietly, his voice kinder than he would’ve expected from himself.

Nodding toward the wolves, he glances at AJ and Joseph, “Let’s go.”

Shay rolls through the snow to recover before picking up onto her paws and shaking the snow off. She looks to the booming voice, her head cocked to the side. She trots back to follow.

Tinny gives shay a sniff to make sure she’s ok. He lets out a grumpy, rumbling, low growl in the general direction of the “real” garou.

The pups have to pick up their pace a bit to follow the elder Garou. Around them, the wind howls, swirling snow obscuring their vision and disrupting their sense of smell. Thankfully, this does not last long, as the snow breaks around them and they find themselves standing in a clearing that may be where they exited the moonbridge. One of the few details that sets it apart from their landing point is that this clearing is surrounded by people, some of them are dressed in furs, and some of them have fur: whether they are in the form of a wolf or some intermediate step. As the pups approach the clearing, those gathered begin to yip, howl, bark, shout, and yell. Many of them carry oddly formed, primal weaponry: bows, daggers, hatchets, spears, and many raise these over their heads, throwing back and howling to the waning gibbous moon.

The wind does not blow snow into the clearing, and as the pups cross in, they realize that the wind does not enter the clearing at all. In front of them, the five wolves that led them from the hut break apart into a semicircle, turning to face the pups. The large wolf, the one who attacked Joseph and Shayanna, presses his head near to two of the other wolves beside him, taking time to apparently receive their counsel. When he presses his head to that of the wolf to his left (the pups’ right), he nods and backs away, and that wolf steps forward, rising up and taking the Crinos form. As he becomes the man wolf, odd colorations in his fur gain dimensions, becoming a ceremonial breastplate seemingly carved from wood. Along his right paw, the fur extends and grows until a massive spear, its head easily the size of its crinos hand and glimmering silver under the nearly full moon.

The crinos raises a single hand, and the gathered go silent. He becomes the pups to approach.

Joseph eyes the entire gathering.

His breaths deep to collect the scent of the gathering. Though he wants to shift to Chrinos, he does as he is told and steps forward. He looks over his shoulder to see if the rest follow suit.

Tinny moves forward and sits at Joseph’s side.

AJ steps up to the others and kneels before the elder Garou, looking around at all of those gathered.

Thoma joins his packmates and drops to one knee, his head dipped, but eyes on the Garou.

IC: The crinos form Garou speaks in the ancient tongue of the Garou, his words clear to the pups despite their having been werewolves for so short a time.

“You are no longer welcome among us.”

At this pronouncement, a mournful howl cuts the night.

“Our spirits, the wind children of Wendigo, cried out to us in the night. Our pups are dead! Murdered by your people! Slaughtered in the scabs, so far from their home.”

The mournful howl is once again unleashed, joined by several others including several of the Crinos Garou flanking the gathering."

“For this treachery, and by the customs of all the Tribes, we are not compelled to oversee your rite. Many would seek vengeance on the Sept of the Second City for this, and many would see that exacted on you.”

This is met with growls and barks. The elder garou in the center of the gathering of five looks down and away.

“But, you are pups, and it is agreed that there is no honor on killing children for the transgressions of their elders.”

The gathered sept begins to disperse.

“However, as you are not Garou, and you are not pups of this Sept, we are not compelled to board you, or to extend you the courtesy owed to one of Rank. You are cast out of this caern. Do not return, for if you do, you will be greeted as the enemies and interlopers that you are. The Litany will not protect you.”

He features with his spear, pointing behind the cubs.

“Leave here, and may Gaia redeem your Weaver-blighted souls.”

Tinny laughs his hispo laugh. How funny that they should be so like human society, punishing the innocent and ignoring the real problems. Tinny doesn’t bother waiting for any further information from the talking head. He stands up and pads off, finally freed again to be as the winds. He wonders if his friends are standing up and doing the same, but he doesn’t look back. Hopefully they get it.

Tinny turns to see that the other Sept members have formed a gauntlet behind the pups, a corridor made of garou in various states and forms, with a cup like formation to herd the pups through. There is an sure of violence barely contained. While he rankles at the prospect, Tinny suggests that using their shame tunnel is the only way tip get out and keep the tentative peace.

Ooc: please give me a rage roll with 1 bonus dice. I can roll for you if you like.

Ok, well you know what tinny does. I suppose you’re gonna have to put that in a description if they try something. If they do try something like that, I think TC might have to assert authority (not that he really has any) and whip them into line.

Rage Roll (6d10): 10, 10, 9, 7, 6, 1
I’m sorry, I don’t remember what difficulty I’m looking for.

Joseph sits on his hauches in disbelief.

Really? This is how it’s going to go? Questions scream in Josephs head, begging to be asked. However the Joseph that collects and sifts through knowledge has taken a back seat in his psyche. Confussion and anger have taken over. He looks around at the dispersing Garou. Really?!? THIS is how it comes through? Though his lip sneers and he wants let those gathered exactly how he feels about them, he withholds. He hears Tinny’s yip of laughter and agrees. This is a joke. A bad one. He looks to the five. He shakes his head and moves to follow Tinny. He stops at Thoma, “I just wanted to help out a Garou in pain.” He wolf speaks softly. Total disbelief has a hold of Joseph’s mind and he leaves the clearing.

Rage Roll with one bonus dice = 371.

That’s 0 successes however you slice it. Joseph is angry about what’s happening and would really like to take some of that anger out on someone here, but he’s also clear-headed enough to realize that’s a really bad idea.

Rage Roll with one bonus dice = 371.

That’s 0 successes however you slice it. Joseph is angry about what’s happening and would really like to take some of that anger out on someone here, but he’s also clear-headed enough to realize that’s a really bad idea.

And sorry for sending it to the wrong email address. Apparently my phone’s directory doesn’t recognize the star.dixter account as Shaun, so when I started putting your name into the recipient box, it only suggested the yahoo account, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so I just tapped it since it was the auto-complete. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

’That’s it. That is absolutely fucking it.’ A.J. can’t believe what he’s heard. Dragged away from their homes. Kidnapped. Treated like this abuse is a privilege. And now spared because they don’t even count as people? A.J. can’t take it any more. Every last one of these bastards deserves to die for what they’ve done.

OOC: :) I didn’t tell you what difficulty to roll against. It was 5. You scored 4 successes. You’re lucky you rolled that botch. As it stands, four successes means that AJ is going to go into a Frenzy. You have this opportunity to spend a willpower point and suppress the Frenzy. Whether you succumb to the Frenzy or choose to prevent it (which is what I recommend), the take-away here is that AJ is so angry that he reached the point where he wanted to act without thought, to embody his anger in a killing rage. So even spending the willpower, AJ will be at a level of anger just right at the edge of that white-line or irrationality.

OOC: I will spend the willpower to resist the frenzy.

IC: AJ hears the elders pronouncement, and it takes several moments for him to process the information. “No longer welcome…greeted as enemies…Leave…”

AJ feels TC and Joesph stand and start to leave, and only through shear force of will is he able to quell the rising tide of rage. AJ rises to his feet, eyes burning with anger, fists shaking in rage as he addresses with a finger pointed directly at the Garou that was speaking.

“Ya may be our elder, but any child can see you are a fool! I don’t know what happened in Chicago, but isn’t the ‘Rite of Passage’ dangerous? I was told we might not survive. Doesn’t that mean your kin may not have? Are Garou so numerous that you are willing to cast us out, thus paying the same price as Chicago? If something happened to your brethren, I am truly sorry; but it had absolutely nothing to do with us. Hell, nothing in the last few days has been our doing!”

AJ pauses to direct a whithering look at the other elders gathered and continues, “Cast us out, and you are no better than our enemies! They should be our focus, and while we may not understand everything; we are willing to learn and try to understand. Age apparently doesn’t bring wisdom here, just stupidity and short-sidedness. To the Wyrm with all of you!”

AJ spins on his heels and stalks after Tinny and Joesph, using every ounce of his will not to shift and let loose.

Thoma does not rise. His gaze falls to the ground, somewhere about ten feet ahead and to the left.His eyes are wide and his mouth a thin line. He winces at the sound of TC’s laugh but doesn’t otherwise respond to it. Looking up at Joseph, Thoma looks from one eyes to the other rapidly, Joseph leaves and Thoma’s eyes fall back to that spot on the ground. This cannot be happening. This isn’t real. This isn’t… isn’t right.

OOC: I made your Rage roll for you. I asked for Rage +1: 89012. 2 Sux. Thoma is more than confused, he’s pissed. Not pissed enough to do anything stupid, but there’s going to be more outrage in his reactions.

Tinny turns to walk away. Joseph turns to follow, finding that the Sept has formed a corridor that directs their path of exit – away from the hut, assumedly shaping the quickest way away from their territory. Thoma looks down, blanched. Shayanna is apparently stunned to silence, as is Royce.

But AJ, AJ hears the elders pronouncement, and it takes hardly a moment for him to process the information.

AJ feels TC and Joesph stand and start to leave, and only through shear force of will is he able to quell the rising tide of rage. AJ rises to his feet, eyes burning with anger, fists shaking in rage as he addresses with a finger pointed directly at the Garou that was speaking. The Theurge and Philodox notice that their Ahroun is literally quaking with Rage as they draw even with him. And before either can intercede, he leaps forward, his body surging up to its Hispo form, landing on all four paws, and begins to snap and bark, his words coming out in the wolf-tongue:

“Ya may be our elder, but any child can see you are a fool! I don’t know what happened in Chicago, but isn’t the ‘Rite of Passage’ dangerous? I was told we might not survive. Doesn’t that mean your kin may not have? Are Garou so numerous that you are willing to cast us out, thus paying the same price as Chicago? If something happened to your brethren, I am truly sorry; but it had absolutely nothing to do with us. Hell, nothing in the last few days has been our doing!”

The Crinos garou who stands amongst the Elders levels his spear at AJ, “This was no failure of our pups.” A small brown wolf darts forwards, clutching something in its jaws, depositing a bundle on the ground before AJ before retreating to rejoin the corridor. The Elder points his spear at the bundle: a torn security guard uniform, its stained shoulder patch bearing the trademark of the Sears Tower.

“This scrap was found clutched in the grip of one of our fallen, brought to us by our Spirits. Our pups died fighting the Sept of the Second City, when the Sept should have accepted them with open arms! Should have provided them with food and lodging! They instead fell upon them in rage and murder!”

AJ seemingly ignores the cloth before him, his body trembling with barely controlled fury, “Cast us out, and you are no better than our enemies! They should be our focus, and while we may not understand everything; we are willing to learn and try to understand. Age apparently doesn’t bring wisdom here, just stupidity and short-sidedness. To the Wyrm with all of you!”

AJ turns in place and bounds away, his body shrinking to its lupus form as he moves, shouldering Joseph and Tinny aside as he passes them, his barely controlled anger compelling him to take longer and longer strides – giving him some outlet for his rage. He charges through the corridor, following its path as the assembled Wendigo jeer, spurring him on.

If wolves could be said to smile, Tinny’s smile would be the biggest one that ever crossed a hispo face. The silent assbeater has brains to back up his gigantic balls. He picks up his pace and darts through the corridor behind AJ, smiling that hispo smile.

OOC: wow.

Joseph begins walking past AJ and feels the rage rolling off of him.

Joseph certainly understands his feelings. AJ bounds forward certainly faster than Joseph could have stopped him. Truthfully Joseph would not have even tried. He turns and watches AJ address the elders in a manner he could never duplicate. He even nods when AJ mentions the rite being dangerous. Seeing the scrap of cloth dropped again triggers the riddle solving side of Joseph. He moves to pick up the scrap after AJ tirade.

No one intervenes in Joseph’s attempt to claim the scrap. It is, as he believed, a torn piece of the uniform of a Sears Tower security uniform.

Joseph looks around at the circle.

He looks to see onc more that no one is challenging his right to take this scrap. His shifts into his Chrinos form, on bends down and takes the scrap. Joseph had no desire to have this in his mouth, and he knew no other way to carry it in his Lupus form. He surveys the Garou that are still here. Listens to their jeers and howls for a moment. Joseph had always been known to be able to feel the pain of others. His father told him it was a “gift”. Hmm. His gifts had gotten him in enough trouble lately. In the jeers and howls he hears the obvious anger, but under that is a layer of sadness and pain. Joseph is furious for the way he has been disregarded, but the pain in the air is a tangible thing. There is a torrent of things Joseph wants to say, wants to question, wants to challenge. In the end he only says one thing before leaving.
" I am TRULY saddened for your loss, and I know that your cairn is in pain. I see that right now we are the focus of that anger and so we leave. I can only hope that you can see we were not the cause of your pain."
Certainly not as eloquent as AJ, and not near as forcefull, Joseph thinks to himself. He makes his best stride to catch up to the frantic pace the Ahroun has set. More than ever Joseph wants to make good with his pack, and a good run with them seems like a good place to start.

Especially inelegant when it all comes out, “Ifam TROUGHLY thadefn fef yem lods” as the cloth clogs Joseph’s mouth. But, he does receive a response: the furious roar of the Ahroun, “LEAVE OUR CAERN BEFORE I TEAR YOUR DISRESPECTFUL HEART FROM YOUR CHEST AND EAT IT BEFORE YOUR DYING EYES!”

As Joseph turns, heading into the gauntlet, he sees a young man in human form sniggering with a nearby friend. The young man, tall and clearly of one of the northern tribes of Native Canadian, has half his head shaved, the other half grown long and drawn back into a ponytail. “That’s right, take your mutts and get to stepping, applejack.” Several of the garou around this young man, those in Homid and in other forms, erupt into uproariously laughter at this comment. As Joseph picks up his pace, he feels a glob of phlegm strike him on the back of his head.

Ooc: disregard my last email,i managed to read the exact opposite of what shaun actually wrote. Going to retcon that.


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