Zylo Mandrake

A tall man with crimson red-hair, fit up top, and heavily muscled below. He's been seen wearing a well tailored suit.


This mysterious young man cornered Shayanna in the quad of NIU as a brawl broke out between pro-life and pro-choice activists.

He accompanies Grandfather Patrick “Paddy” Banion.


(OOC: Zylo was one of my first longest running WW characters. I ran him for years on the white wolf RP chats. Online I managed to introduce him as a Rank 1 Garou and advance him up to Rank 4. He went from a punk to one of the Garou leaders. Here’s a link to his old profile on Project Glass Walker: Zylo . You can disregard most of what’s on that site. This is a reinterpretation of that character, more fit to this campaign, and more fit to the 2010’s.)

Zylo Mandrake

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