Scott "Mad Hatter" Thompson

Gatekeeper of the Sept of the Second City


Tribe: Glass Walker

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Adren (3)


Scott Thompson, like so many Garou, and especially like so many Glass Walkers, underwent his first change late. He was in an engineering program at MIT when a competitive seminar finally pushed him so far that all of his refined sensibilities, scrupulous self-control, and inherent self-loathing could not keep the Rage from overtaking him.

After losing a semester to adapting to his new identity, Scott was lucky to finish out his degree. He withdrew from his former career plans and instead began to investigate the intersections of technology and spirituality, looking into means of harnassing Weaver spirits into technology. He played an integral role in the development of the Storm Eater fetish that helped reform Skyscraper, and ultimately helped to harness the convergence of Wyld energy above the Sears Tower to create the Second City Caern.

He has developed prosperous inroads with a Chantry of Sons of Ether that have set up shop in Schaumburg.

Scott "Mad Hatter" Thompson

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