Dominic "Stands Alone in the Pit" Stretchnyov

The Sept of the Second City's Master of the Challenge


Tribe: Shadow Lords

Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Fostern (2)


Dom is an ambassador from the Milwaukee Sept of Thunder Bay. His rank within the Sept of the Second City is a political appointment to reflect the appreciation of the Second City Sept for the role of the Shadow Lords of Thunder Bay in providing the services of Stormcrow and Grandfather Thunder in the taming of Skyscraper.

However, as a Shadow Lord, he delights in the duties of the Master of the Challenge. He likes to fancy his role as the most important for all politics of the Sept, as he determines what disputes are given what level of priority. While he is not yet considered abusive in the position, he is not well liked due to his role in the expulsion of Fenton.

Dominic "Stands Alone in the Pit" Stretchnyov

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