Anya "Trash is Treasure"

One of two urban Fetishists of the Sept of the Second City


Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Adren (3)

Anya is a woman in her mid thirties who embodies the “Urban Primitive” concept to a T. She is heavily tattooed and pierced. While the majority of her tattoos embody random body art that spoke to Anya on a personal level, Garou (and well versed Kin) will recognize that some of her ink is Garou mystical marks, patterns, and engrams. Of particular note, the side of Anya’s head bears a complex pattern of gnostic sigils that spell out key incantations and concepts associated with the Rite of Binding.

She lives outside of Chicago proper, in Riverdale, where she owns and operates a large junkyard near the Calumet Preserve. She is famed as a “reuse artist”, and is well known in the Chicago art scene for her avant garde sculptures, most of which she derives from the items junked at her yard. She is an employer, exclusively, of local garou and kinfolk, with preference going to her Bone Gnawer kin.

In addition to her commercial sculptures, Anya repurposes scrap and metals for Fetish creation. Her fetishes tend towards the iconic and bronze-age primitive, more frequently spiritual than practical. She makes these services openly available to the Garou community of Chicago, usually for the price of the client’s assistance in gathering the necessary materials, or hunting down the appropriate spirits. Her generosity in this regard has informed her reputation as a pillar of the Sept of the Second City.


Anya "Trash is Treasure"

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