Allison Cortez

Weaverfoe of the Sept of the Second City


Tribe: Bone Gnawer

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Fostern (2)


Allison holds a relatively unique position among Garou Society: Weaverfoe. Much as the Wyrmfoe heads the Sept’s excursions to thwart and destroy the presence of the Wyrm in the Sept’s protectorate, so too is it Allison’s role to thwart the Weaver. Her role is encouraged by Grandfather Banion, who primarily seeks to appease Skyscraper, who in turn fears the constant assault of the Pattern Spiders around the base of the Sears Tower.

Allison works closely with Autumn Leaves to restrict the spread of pattern webs near the top of the tower.

Allison Cortez

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